Naturals in Cosmetic Science Conference

The world of naturals in cosmetics is evolving dramatically. A truly natural positioning is increasingly important to consumers and naturals are also becoming more important due to their association with sustainability. However, consumers are not prepared to compromise on product performance and these drivers accompanied by developments in technology mean we have moved a long way from simple natural material additions to today’s complex formulations built around functional and active natural ingredients.

The two day conference is a unique opportunity to gain a deeper knowledge of the exciting science involved in botanicals, natural/naturally derived ingredients and formulation techniques.

This biennial conference brings together a group of the top scientists, companies and practitioners from across the naturals industry.

Expert Content from all Angles

The UK Society of Cosmetic Scientists are putting together a comprehensive programme featuring key experts from leading consumer goods companies, raw material suppliers along with research organisations to speak on their areas of expertise and provide a forum for debate.

CPD certificates will be available for attendance at this valuable learning event.

“The Science in a Bottle” and “Naturals In Cosmetic Science” conferences run on alternating years and are THE events for Cosmetic Scientists to attend. Nowhere else will you get this level of discussion on current topics in Cosmetics Science.

Attendees get the chance to network with thought leaders in their field, to collaborate and create valuable insights for the industry – research, innovation, applications, quality, regulation, production, evaluation. It is also the event where young scientists just entering the field can get an opportunity to present their own work and grow their potential as Cosmetic Scientists.

The Venue

The Naturals in Cosmetic Science Conference is being held at the Royal College of Physicians, this central London venue, overlooking Regents Park has a unique medicinal “Physic” garden containing plants from around the world which delegates will have the opportunity to see during the Garden Visit on day one.