Science in a BottleĀ Scientific Programme

In Personal Care, science continues to ‘sell’ products. Creative difference is a key factor in success. This 2 day biennial confernece of the SCS brings together the latest thinking and expertise from leading practitioners and suppliers in recognition of ‘Science in a Bottle’.

The scientific programme will cover four themes:

Happiness and Wellbeing

An insight into how using cosmetics and personal care products can trigger certain emotions, enhancing the users overall experience and how this can have an impact psychologically.


A focus on the biological function of the skin barrier, how certain biological mechanisms can help protect the skin from the environment and how these mechanisms can be enhanced by the use of cosmetics.

Safety at the Forefront

Highlighting the key methodologies that have been developed and introduced since the ban on animal testing of cosmetic ingredients and finished products, which should act as a beacon for other global cosmetic regulators.

Technology – How beauty is adapting to the digital world

Covering what technology is currently available on the market, what we should expect in the future and how this technology will have an impact on how we formulate products for this new buying platform for consumers.