Sustainability, Standards & Legislation

10:30 - 11:00

Sustainability in the Cosmetics Industry: Future Directions

The cosmetics industry is going green, with operators adopting a raft of sustainability initiatives. This seminar shows the various ways cosmetic companies are embracing sustainability: from ethical sourcing of raw materials, green formulations, energy management, to sustainable packaging. How green are cosmetic companies and what is the way forward? Case studies will be given of cosmetic companies that are leading the way in this important area. Future projections will be given for this emerging area, including pointers for current shortcomings.

11:00 - 11:30

COSMOS – What? Why? Who?

This presentation will get you up to speed about what this international organic and natural standard is, why the certification is so important within an unregulated industry, and who can certify or gain approval. It will cover the recent changes concerning palm derivatives and packaging, with some examples of COSMOS products and how they look in the market.

11:30 - 12:00

Nordic Swan Ecolabel – Identifying Products and Services That Have a Reduced Environmental Impact Throughout Their Life Cycle – Case Cosmetics

Nordic Swan Ecolabel is an ISO 14024 type 1 Ecolabel which means that it has a life cycle approach, the criteria is public and developed in an open process and is tightened regularly.

This presentation will give insight on how these principles are applied for cosmetics and what are the biggest environmental impacts (hotspots) in cosmetics life cycle as well as Nordic perspective to sustainable cosmetics.

12:00 - 12:30

“Free From Claims” New Recommendations… Coming into Force June/July

Despite the strict legislative framework governing cosmetic products in the UK and EU that ensures consumer safety, the trend in ‘free from’ claims, usually linked with particular ingredients, has grown over recent years.
This has been raised as an issue by several Member States, and the European Commission identified ‘free from’ claims as one area of concern in its comprehensive report on cosmetic claims in 2016.  From this the Commission’s Technical Document on cosmetic claims has been updated to address ‘free from’ claims to give the industry best practice on the use of these claims.
The presentation will highlight the key aspects of the Technical Document and also introduce the CTPA Help Note on ‘Free from’ claims to help companies understand the Technical Document. The Help Note reviews how the Common Criteria for cosmetic claims apply to ‘free from’ claims.  An update will also be provided on how the Technical Document is expected to be implemented in different EU Member States.