Traceability & Transparency

13:30 - 14:00

DNA as a Tool to Authenticate Natural Ingredients.

Nowadays, the use of natural raw materials is steadily increasing in major industries such as cosmetics, nutrition and health. However, consumers are more cautious about the authenticity and the traceability of plants, and also about processes used to obtain active molecules. The main challenge ahead is transparency. DNA Gensee has developed innovative genetic technologies and tools to carry out DNA authentication and traceability on plants. DNA analyses are very efficient in to assure a safer sourcing, in supporting natural product claims and strengthening sustainability programs. Each plant has its own very unique DNA. It allows us to carry out blind analyses and detect plants of interest, contaminations or adulterations in a single analysis. Thanks to barcoding technology, industrial players will be able to set up virtuous circles around sourcing between suppliers and customers.

14:00 - 14:30

Traceability and Transparency in Product and Raw Material Supply Chains

Traceability and Transparency in Product and Raw Material Supply Chains

Consumers and stakeholders are increasing demanding more information on the provenance and sustainability credentials of the materials used in products. This session will explore the difference between traceability and transparency and the issues driving demands for greater traceability. It will also look at the types of information that should be collected and the methods by which this can be obtained