HEBELYS: A Psychological Approach for a Positive Skin Ageing Target Senescence Cells to Boost Emotion

Time: 10:00 - 10:30

Date: 3 July 2019

Theatre: Brooks Building


Attenuating or preventing the signs of age represents the major claim of cosmetics . The time seems yet to require a new approach, the term anti-ageing should find an end to move towards a more positive concept. For good reason, women over 50 look more like an assumed and fulfilling representation of their age. They expect manufacturers an answer for a more global beauty, a highlight of how they age well. Having concrete and recognised results related to Positive Aging, GREENTECH is positioned as a pioneer in this field and is leading a conceptual revolution. In fact, capitalising on our leading understanding of the effect of ageing on psychological status, GREENTECH expands its research in cosmetics and well-being and revolutionises cosmetic market by developing HEBELYS, a bacteria extract ingredient acting on women’s self-esteem and mood thanks to focus  on senescence pathways and cutaneous architecture. All the physiological and psychological tests used are recognised by the academic community, proving that GREENTECH is at the forefront of the innovation.


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