Sustainable Palm Oil: A Resource for the Cosmetic Industry to Achieve Environmental and Social Goals

Time: 13:30 - 14:00

Date: 2 July 2019

Theatre: Brooks Building


Cosmetics and detergents may contain variable quantities of palm oil derivatives. This presence has increased in the recent years due to the move of the industry towards  natural ingredients as a replacement of petroleum based products. However when natural ingredients are used, it is imperative to think about the consequences on the environment. RSPO has developed a set of environmental and social criteria which companies must comply with in order to produce Certified Sustainable Palm Oil (CSPO). When they are properly applied, these criteria can hhelp to minimize the negative impact of palm oil cultivation on the environment and communities in palm oil-producing regions. The RSPO has more than 4,000 members worldwide who represent all links along the palm oil supply chain. They have committed to produce, source and/or use RSPO certified sustainable palm oil. Many of them produce cosmetics, personal care and home detergents. If consumers are aware of palm oil, they may not know that sustainable palm oil exists as the alternative to conventional palm oil and may not be actively asking for this. There is a huge potential for companies that want to improve their environmental and social credentials by supporting the production of sustainable palm oil.


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